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Three reasons why your business should go green

by ClickGreen staff. Published Mon 06 Oct 2014 19:27
Why firms should make the switch to go green
Why firms should make the switch to go green

It’s amazing to think that only 20 years ago, a large sum of people were barely even aware of terms like climate change or the ozone layer. Being green was a byword for being some mad hippy who, having not washed in weeks, rubbed mud on themselves to gain its “natural aura”.

Now, if the news media is anything to go by, the tectonic plates of the environment have shifted towards a greater understanding and belief in scientific discovery. While 23 per cent of those in the US still reckon that climate change is a myth, the numbers convinced by the science stands at 63 per cent.

It’s a trend that big businesses are noticing. Major brands like Tesco, Asda, B&Q and Dupont have all initiated emission-cutting measures ostensibly to save the environment – however, it’s also a shrewd move for their profit margins.

If you’re a smaller business, sit up and take notice. But why else should you go green?

Cut those power bills

In the UK, gas and electricity are the highest outgoing for any business, barring staff wages. Yet unbeknownst to most companies, renewable energy or improved energy sources could cut those bills in half.

New gas connections, for instance, will improve the flow of fossil fuels and slash your prices dramatically. Meanwhile, the cost of solar panels has fallen to around $1/KWH and looks set to become a viable secondary source of electricity thanks to this pricing plummet.

Like every new piece of kit before it, green energy sources are finally falling into the realms of affordability, so it’s the perfect time for your business to make an investment.

Boost your team spirit

Do your employees slump through their day as though they were trudging around a Russian gulag? A dose of green spirit could help brighten them up.

As with any team oriented activity, a recycling program with a gamified element (think eco-league tables) could bring your workmates closer together, foster a healthy competitiveness and boost morale with the knowledge that you and your workers are doing your bit for the environment.

Customers love it

In a recent report from website Loyalty 360, a survey found that corporate reputations on ethics and environmental concerns is now directly in line with a high number of consumer purchases. So if your business is ritually sputtering fossil fuels like a Victorian workhouse, you might want to reconsider your strategy.

This, in essence, turns going green into the ideal PR exercise.

With every new boost to your eco-image comes the assumption of ethics and, in turn, an increase in profits. Customers love the idea that they’re saving the world with every purchase, so massage their egos by turning your business into an environmental paradise.


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