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Energy Secretary confirms review into future of the Green Deal

by ClickGreen staff. Published Wed 04 Mar 2015 12:16
Review commissioned to look at solid wall insulation
Review commissioned to look at solid wall insulation

Energy Secretary Ed Davey has confirmed a review into the future direction of the Green Deal programme after admitting the scheme has been a flop.

Speaking at the Ecobuild Exhibition in London, Mr Davey said the Government’s chief construction advisor had been commissioned to look at better ways of triggering “innovation and deployment” to encourage a greater uptake in energy efficiency measures, specifically solid wall insulation.

The DECC Minister said it was clear the Green Deal Finance package had not “proved attractive” with households and industry required a “more stable, long-term agenda”.

“A one size fits all approach to all households and businesses does not work,” he said. “We need a much more segmented approach targeting different sectors in different ways.”

Earlier this week, the Government announced the successful ECO scheme would be extended to 2017, but no similar assurance was given regarding the future direction of the Green Deal.

Today Mr Davey explained: “To date over one million homes have been made warmer, greener and cheaper to heat through the Green Deal and ECO. In fact, we reached that one million target four months early, thanks to strong ECO investment.”

He said the decision to extend the ECO programme represents more than £1 billion of additional energy efficiency investment in Britain’s homes.

However, the Energy Secretary added: “As I admitted last year, the Green Deal hasn’t gone as planned or hoped for.

“While we’ve had just shy of half a million Green Deal assessments, with the majority resulting in people investing in home energy efficiency, the Green Deal Finance package itself hasn’t proved attractive.

“There wasn’t the mixing of ECO and Green Deal Finance we thought there’d be. There wasn’t a new market take-off we’d hoped for.

Mr Davey said that although there have been over 180,000 solid wall insulations since 2010, people are being put off by investing because of the difficult and invasive procedure.

He confirmed that the joint Government-industry Green Construction Board has now commissioned the Government’s Chief Construction Adviser – Peter Hansford – to consider all the evidence associated with Solid Wall Insulation, which accounts for over 10% of all Green Deal assessment recommendations, and report on its long term potential for innovation and deployment.

“This is about providing greater confidence for the sector to invest in skills, technology and innovation for the long term,” Mr Davey said.


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