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UK's largest independent ecology consultancy launches 2016 graduate programme

by ClickGreen staff. Published Thu 24 Sep 2015 15:54, last updated: 24/09/15
Graduate trainee Irfaan Junaideen developed professionally as part of the 2015 scheme
Graduate trainee Irfaan Junaideen developed professionally as part of the 2015 scheme

Thomson Ecology’s Graduate Training Programme for 2016 opens today and graduates interested in a career in ecology now have a short window of opportunity to apply. The scheme is open for applications until 11 October and the UK wide company are looking for well qualified graduates who would like to join the Thomson team.

Thomson Ecology’s graduate trainee scheme began in 2007 and aims to give new graduates the chance to work alongside senior ecologists for a full field season, and participate in training courses on all areas of the business. The successful applicants learn industry-standard survey and mitigation techniques for a range of species and habitats, as well as advanced skills in consulting and report writing.

The graduates receive a salary during the programme, and at the end of the period, the best performers are offered a permanent position. In some years this has been the whole group.

Last year, the company received 300 applications, a record number, and because of the level of competition, it is now a requirement for all applicants to have a relevant master’s degree. These have included applied ecology, biodiversity and conservation, and environmental assessment and management.

Richard Arnold, Technical Director at Thomson Ecology, said: “Since we began our programme in 2007, it has gone from strength to strength and we have seen over 100 young men and women come through the scheme. The majority go on to full employment with us and we have some senior people in the organisation who began their working life here as graduate trainees.

“For Thomson as an organisation, it is a wonderful way to be able to pick the best talent that there is out there and to help launch so many people’s careers.

“We specialise in both marine and terrestrial ecology, so our trainees can choose the path that most interests them.”

Irfaan Junaideen who was taken on as part of the 2015 scheme said: “Being a large consultancy, there are many staff with a huge amount of experience who are willing to impart the specialist knowledge that's necessary for me to grow as an ecologist.

“I've learnt so much since I started and continue to learn something new every day, through the extensive training programme and continuous opportunities to obtain qualifications and licences.

“Thomson works on some of the biggest ecology projects in the UK, therefore creating a dynamic and challenging working environment. This encourages staff to do their very best, with an emphasis on professional development.”

For more information on how to apply please visit: www.thomsonecology.com


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